Security Design Consultant Needed

Posted on 28, May | Posted by RMA

Risk Management Associates, Inc. is accepting resumes for a Security Design Consultant. Attributes of the candidate are independently motivated, self-directed, and capable of designing and developing strategic security programs that incorporate individual client business cultures. In the design and development, the responsibilities will include security system design and managing and coordinating multiple integrated security project plans simultaneously. The individual will be responsible to create sustainable future business and projects through the fostering of positive client/business relationships with existing and new clients.

Requirements are: Bachelor’s degree with at least 3 years of experience or equivalent experience, skills and education combinations in electronics, electrical systems, computer system hardware, software, networking and/or engineering. The candidate should also have the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) certification or capable of obtaining this certification with one year.

This candidate must have unique skills and abilities that include: knowledge of project management principles, practices techniques and tools; knowledge of building construction and building codes; skills in examining and re-engineering operations and procedures, formulating policy, and developing and implementing new strategies and procedures; skilled in group facilitation, mediation, and conflict resolution; ability to analyze complex problems, interpret operational needs, and develop integrated, creative solutions; ability to develop project budgets and projections, skilled with a broad technical background in security system design and operations.

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RMA Attends the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Woman’s Leadership Conference

Posted on 16, Mar | Posted by RMA

On March 12, 2015, Emily Liner, Chris Peterson, Tasha Dyson, Dana Frentz and Donna Richards along with RMA guest Cari Green of Novan Therapeutics, Lorrin Freeman, Wake County DA, Suzanne Griffin, Butterball LLC, Courtney Bell from American Pride and Laura Noble of Noble Law Firm attended the Woman’s Leadership Conference. The conference was held at the Raleigh Marriott City Center.

Susan Packard, co-founder and former COO of HGTV, was the keynote speaker at this half-day educational and networking conference. Packard is author of “New Rules of the Game: 10 Strategies for Women in the Workplace”. In her keynote address, Packard discussed a revolutionary new perspective for businesswomen—a strategic way of thinking that cultivates creativity, focus, optimism, teamwork, and competitiveness, thereby yielding a higher rate of success.

In addition to Packard’s presentation, other program highlights included, a panel discussion with highly-accomplished women business leaders from the Triangle region, breakout sessions and opportunities to connect with leading business woman in the greater Raleigh area.

The breakout sessions to further explore the takeaways of Packard’s book, such as:
– How to Become a Game Changer: Successful Strategies to Distinguish Yourself as a Leader
– Building Your Fan Club: Maintaining Balance & Wellness While on the Leadership Path
– Conditioning for Leadership: Why Understanding the “Business of the Business” is Critical
– Developing a Community of Women Leaders: Bridging the Leadership Gap through Effective Mentoring Programs

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RMA Exhibits at the IACLEA Southeast Regional Conference & the 15th Annual SCCLEA Linda B. Floyd Safety Conference hosted by Furman University

Posted on 2, Mar | Posted by RMA

RMA participated as an exhibitor at the IACLEA Southeast Regional Conference & the SCCLEA Safety Conference hosted by Furman University in Greenville, SC. The conference brought together over 250 campus law enforcement administrators from across the southeastern United States. The Director of University Police, Tom Saccenti and his staff provided all the participants with gracious southern hospitality with the beautiful Furman campus as a backdrop. This framework allowed the attendees to focus on the serious business of Leadership in a Crisis.

“Knowing how to respond quickly and efficiently in a crisis is critical to ensuring the safety of our schools and students. The midst of a crisis is not the time to start figuring out who ought to do what. At that moment, everyone involved – from top to bottom – should know the drill and know each other.”

Margaret Spellings
Secretary of Education, 2005-2009

Chief Michael Kehoe, Newtown, CT began his presentation with this quote which also captured the underlying themes that were a part of all the presentations on the first day of the conference. The IACLEA Southeast Region brought together a powerful group of presenters including:
• Retired Chief Wendell Flinchum, Virginia Tech Police Department 2006-2014
• Dr. Gene Deisinger, Ph.D. Executive officer, Virginia Tech Police Department
• Chief John DiFava , MIT Police Department
• Chief Michael Kehoe, Newtown, Connecticut
• Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

Each of these presenters shared, for the benefit of the audience, the “good, the bad, and the ugly” side of leading their department’s during a significant or a series of significant crisis. They took the audience through the details that they could share that formed the basis of the decisions that were made as the crisis situation unfolded. What they knew, what they didn’t know, lessons that were learned along the way, and changes they made to their response program after the fact. Each of the presenter’s shared common themes that they learned in response to a crisis including the need for a multi-disciplined approach that include but is not limited to:

• Relationships, build the network of diverse support before the event happens, reach out to your network during the crisis – ask for help from people you trust
• Develop a case management plan that is proactive, integrated, and adaptive
• Training, training, training and awareness are critical
• Prevent and mitigate
• Be prepared to monitor and reassess during the crisis continuously
• Assign scribes and capture as much as possible during the crisis, don’t rely on memory
• Communicate

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RMA Awarded South Carolina Federal Credit Union Security Assessment Project

Posted on 24, Feb | Posted by RMA

RMA will perform a physical security assessment, including a threat assessment, of the South Carolina Federal Credit Union (SCFC) Corporate Office and 17 branches. Included in the assessment RMA will review existing security programs, security officer duties, reporting structure, and job descriptions. Members of the RMA Team will be traveling to 18 different sites in South Carolina to become familiar with SCFC security practices. RMA will complete a physical assessment, interviews and review security programs and security officer responsibilities at the corporate office as well as 17 branch offices.

South Carolina Federal is a community-chartered credit union with 17 branches and more than 50 ATMs throughout Charleston, Georgetown and Columbia. South Carolina Federal Credit Union offers a full range of financial services including savings and investments, checking, credit cards and loans.

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RMA Awarded DHSS – State Laboratory of Public Health Security Assessment Project

Posted on 17, Feb | Posted by RMA

RMA will conduct a physical security assessment of the North Carolina Department of Public Health State Laboratory of Public Health and Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. The security assessment will include site interviews, physical security and electronic security assessment and a review of the policies and procedures.

The State Laboratory of Public Health provides certain medical and environmental laboratory services to public and private health provider organizations responsible for the promotion, protection and assurance of the health of North Carolina citizens.

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RMA teams with Perkins &Will to Provide a Security Assessment of Piedmont Electrical Membership Corporation

Posted on 12, Feb | Posted by RMA

RMA has teamed with Perkins & Will a global architecture and design firm, to provide a security assessment to Piedmont Electrical Membership Corporation. The security assessment will include a physical security of building exteriors and a review of security systems technology.

Perkins & Will is an interdisciplinary, research-based architecture and design firm established in 1935. Each of the firm’s 24 offices focuses on local, regional and global work in a variety of practice areas. Perkins & Will is recognized as one of the industry’s preeminent sustainable design firms due to its innovative research, design tools, and expertise.

Piedmont Electric Membership Corporation is a Touchstone Energy Cooperative in Hillsborough, North Carolina. Piedmont Electric is a nonprofit electric utility serving 31,000 consumers in parts of Alamance, Caswell, Durham, Granville, Orange and Person counties.

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Jerry Blanchard Attends Mercury Security Technology Summit

Posted on 9, Feb | Posted by RMA

Jerry Blanchard had the opportunity to attend the Mercury Security Technology Symposium on February 7, 2015 at the famous Hotel Del Coronado on San Diego Bay, California. The symposium brought together several of the leading security design and consulting firms as well as a number of Mercury Partners to collaborate on Mercury based solutions and the future. The event was enlightening and thought provoking as the participants examined and discussed the current industry trends, deployments and future possibilities. At the end of the event everyone was excited for what the future holds for Mercury Security Technologies.

Mercury Security provides facility security system manufacturers, distributors and suppliers with advanced, innovative and reliable access control hardware and components that interface with the most applications. Mercury collaborates closely with its customer-partners to assure that every system our customers specify and install is cost-effective and yet high-performing and consistently reliable.

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Mike Epperly attends Association of Title IX Administrator Investigator Training

Posted on 30, Jan | Posted by RMA

In January Mike Epperly attended Association of Title IX Administrator (ATIXA) Investigator Training. ATIXA’s training is a comprehensive training class focused on treating campus sexual misconduct as a civil rights discrimination and investigation. Civil rights investigations are not police-led investigations, and it is not the same as investigating a student conduct violation. Title IX investigation skills are specific and highly specialized. Title IX investigative skill sets are developed and enhanced through the ATIXA Investigator Training.

ATIXA provides a professional association for school and college Title IX Coordinators, administrators, and investigators who are interested in serving their districts and campuses more effectively. Since 1972, Title IX has proved to be an increasingly powerful leveling tool, helping to advance gender equity in schools and colleges. ATIXA has been formed to promote professional development and foster collaboration in what is actually a field of 25,000 people who all are assuring Title IX compliance in our schools, colleges and universities.

The National Center for Higher Education Risk Management Group, LLC (NCHERM) a law and consulting firm endowed a grant that created Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA). In 2010, NCHERM created the only Title IX Coordinator/Investigator Training and Certification Course that is now an ATIXA professional development opportunity. ATIXA is an independent, not-for-profit organization served by an Advisory Board.

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Rusty Gilmore Speaks at the ASIS Monthly meeting

Posted on 28, Jan | Posted by RMA

On Wednesday January 21, 2015, the local Chapter of ASIS International, Chapter 119 held their monthly meeting at the PNC Center in Raleigh, NC. Rusty Gilmore was the guest speaker. Rusty gave a presentation on Computer and Network Vulnerabilities: Steps to Protecting Your Systems and Data.

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ASIS International North Carolina Research Triangle Chapter 2014 Law Enforcement Banquet

Posted on 19, Dec | Posted by RMA

ASIS International Chapter 119 hosted the 2014 Law Enforcement Appreciation Banquet at the PNC Arena on December 16, 2014. The banquet is an opportunity to show gratitude and appreciation for local men and women in law enforcement.

The guest speaker for the event was Greg Baker. Gregory K. Baker became commissioner of the Law Enforcement, Division, Dept. of Public Safety, on Sept. 10, 2013. Prior to this appointment, Baker lead DPS’s Alcohol Law Enforcement section since May 2013. Baker was a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation serving as a manager of FBI’s Criminal Investigative Programs at both the national level and the field office level. He served as a special agent in the Raleigh FBI office since 2008. He also served five years in the FBI’s Charlotte office and two years in the FBI’s Washington D.C. headquarters as a supervisory special agent.

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